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Enjoy your full holidays making rounds in the most beautiful islands of North Aegean Sea Visiting Sporades, Lemnos and Ag. Stratis Islands through e unique experience of Sailing…

Weekly or More Skippered Cruise

Skippered charters means that the yacht rental comes with an authorized skipper who will handle the main tasks of sailing the boat, navigating the islands and mooring. Wile you Choosing the Destinations and enjoying the cruise. Skippered charters give you the flexibility of deciding your own sailing route with the comfort of knowing an experienced captain is on board.

Weekly Charters

Lemnos and Agios Stratis

Sporades / Skiathos / Skopelos / Alonisos and More

For more than a week Limitless options

What is Including


 Possibility for soft drinks or coffe


 Cooking Gas

What is Extra Charge


 Marina Costs

 Possibility for food on Restaurants

 Possibility for food on Deck

 Skipper 80€/day or 500€/full week (mandatory extra)

Weekly Cruise Price list

Price List For a Cruise (Euro)
Weekly or more Cruise Type
Cruise TypeLimited Vessel cost 7 days
One week Cruise
Periode – SeasonMay & SepteberjuneJuly & August
Lemnos and Agios Stratisfrom 1750from 2000from 2200
Sporades / Skiathos / Skopelos / Alonisos and More
Includeing: Insurance/Cooking Gas/Blankets-Towels ——– Do no Iinclude:Skipper/Petrol-Gasoline/Marina Costs/Clean Services 80 euros ——– (All Cruises are on Vessels 40 – 45 foot  with capacity of 10persons ) The price can be custom depending on Vessel model and capacity and days on deck in case for more than 1 week mail us for offers